There has never been a better time to learn new dancing styles!

Experience the excitement of this timeless social activity with programs that are customized to fit your unique goals and schedule. Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming event, want to stand out in a club, or simply want to move with greater confidence. Our dance studio based in Roanoke, VA has the professional dance instructors ready to teach you a variety of different dancing styles such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, hip hop, bachata, reggaeton, (Mexican rhythms such as quebradita, cumbia wepa, trival, cumbia texana) Colombian champeta, and so much more!

6,8-, or 12-weeks dance programs are a 60/90-minute class, scheduled once per week it caters to dancers of all levels, from beginners with little or no experience to intermediate and advanced dancers seeking to refine their skills. Skills like collaboration, teamwork, listening and communicating, self-confidence and self-expression and musicality. These classes focus on various elements that make up the craft of dance. Dancers explore the use of time, shape, energy, space and motion of every move.


Private dance lessons 

One-hour private dance sessions per week per person starting at $120 per month. 

Private dance lessons

Two-hour private dance sessions per week per person starting at $184 per month. 

Private dance lessons 

One-hour private dance sessions per week for couples starting at $160 per month. 

Eight-week Hip-Hop Drama 

NEW SEASON  8-week begins April 13, - June 1, 2024. Every Saturday from 10:30am-12:00am.  Ages 8- 17.  

Earlybird $120 for eight- weeks 

Regular price $160.00 after March 30, 2024 

Drop-in Classes $20

Dive into the rhythm of Afro beats. 

Ready to step into the vibrant world of Afro beats? 

afrobeat dance is a captivating and vibrant style of movement that originated from the Afrobeat music genre. it has evolved into a dynamic fusion of traditional African dances, modern dance styles, and freestyle movements 

NEW SEASON eight- weeks program. July 22- Sep 16th. 

Mondays & Thursdays 7:30pm-8:30pm          

Ages 8 and up.  

Earlybird $120 for eight- weeks -till July 

Regular price $160.00 after July 1st 

Drop-in Classes $20.00

Mexican folklore 

Discover the magic of the Mexican culture through the folklore dance. 

immerse yourself into the rhythms, colors and tradition.   

Folklore dance Program

Wednesday: 7:30pm-9:00pm 

Saturdays: 9:00am-10:30am.  Ages 8 and up.  

Price $120 per month.

Drop -in class $20.00.

For more information about private dance lessons: 

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 5pm-8pm Saturday's 8am-11pm